Better Together: Dreame.rs IT Solutions Inc. and Ingenio Creatives

Dreamers IT Solutions Inc., and Ingenio Creatives Advertising Corp.   two seriously engaged corporations inTechnical Services and Marketing, are proud to announce a partnership designed to grow and enhance both organizations’ ability to deliver world-class services to their clientele.

The partnership of Dreame.rs and Ingenio Creatives will help both companies in a position to attract more customers and increase their market share to sell new products and services locally and internationally. Dreame.rs and Ingenio Creatives management is confident to better defend its territory against competitors to become the preferred , Software and Development and Marketing, Advertising company.

Ingenio Creatives is known in the Marketing and Advertising services such as Social Media Marketing, Electronic Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Events and Production Management, and Digital Branding. While Dreamers IT Solutions is known as the leading Software and Website Development company.

“We are very excited to work with Ingenio. Teaming with its creatives team to provide marketing and advertising is an exciting development for our company”, said Al-Fayeed Usman, President, and CEO of Dreamers IT Solutions Inc.

“Dreamers is a great partner and this agreement reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of uplifting small to medium enterprises globally”, said James Catayas, President and CEO of Ingenio Creatives Advertising Corp.

During the early months of 2021, Ingenio Creatives and Dreamers have collaborated on a number of engagements, joint marketing activities, and joint communications.

The partnership covers a number of strategic programs including Digital Marketing, Communications Management, Software Development, and Brand Alliance management.